About the programme

The TAB Global 1000 World's Largest and Strongest Banks Rankings is an annual assessment of the financial and business performance of the banking industry. Since 2007, TAB Global has published the most authoritative annual ranking of the strongest banks in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2023, the rankings expanded to include the world's 1,000 largest and strongest banks.

The Strongest Banks rankings are based on a detailed and transparent scorecard that ranks banks and financial holding companies according to six criteria of balance-sheet performance, emphasising financial strength and sustainability. These criteria are scale, balance-sheet growth, risk profile, profitability, asset quality and liquidity, and they encompass 14 specific factors.

The rankings assist banks and corporations in evaluating the quality of counterparties for credit, transactional and trade purposes, enhancing assessments of counterparty and balance-sheet risks. The rankings offer a bird's-eye view of institutions' balance-sheet growth and profitability in the face of fluctuating economic conditions.

The rankings encompass all major regions in the world, including Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. The assessment covers both banks and financial holding companies with significant activity in banking. It excludes central banks, policy banks and finance companies. The evaluation is conducted between March and August each year, coinciding with the availability of annual financial results for banks and financial holding companies.

The Evaluation Criteria

This evaluation criteria were set based on a rigorous quantitative assessment of the financial performance of banks and financial holding companies during the year under review. We evaluate performance through six crucial indicators weighted by their relative importance: (1) Scale of the banks’ assets, (2) Balance sheet growth of net loans and deposits, (3) Risk management of the banks’ operations, (4) Profitability and its sustainability, (5) Strength and credibility of loans disbursed and (6) Liquidity of assets to meet adverse events requiring cash outflow.

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