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Open Banking Survey Report 2024

January 2024
USD 300

Open banking in the form of platforming, embedded finance and banking as a service (BaaS) offers opportunities for all market players to leverage new revenue streams. Despite the challenges, industry revenue from open banking is set to grow and may make a significant contribution to banks’ revenue pools.

TABInsights has undertaken an industry survey with 24 executives across six markets on the adoption of and attitude towards platforming, embedded finance and BaaS.

The industry survey was conducted between March and June 2023 in six markets, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei, among leading first-tier retail banks.

The report provides insights into how the banking industry is building propositions across all those open banking business models, the degree of implementation, current and future focus areas, the challenges the industry is facing, including with onboarding fintechs, as well as the outlook for open banking in the next 3 years.


The file is directly delivered into your account provided soon after online payment is received. The file contains one document, a pdf MS PowerPoint deck (19 slides)

The report includes:

  1. Open banking and related business models
  2. Use cases
  3. Open banking adoption and readiness
  4. Embedded finance adoption and readiness
  5. Key challenges working with fintechs
  1. 1. Executive summary
  2. 2. Open banking related business models
  3. 3. Key challenges in building business models
  4. 4. BaaS operating models and strategies
  5. 5. Use cases across platforming, embedded finance and BaaS
  6. 6. Industry approach to BaaS
  7. 7. Industry adoption of BaaS
  8. 8. Industry adoption in embedded finance
  9. 9. Current and future focus area in embedded finance
  10. 10. Key challenges working with fintech and integrating fintech solutions
  • Heads of consumer banking and operations in financial services firms that aim to gain insights into how open banking, embedded finance, and BaaS are reshaping the financial sector.
  • Fintech entrepreneurs and startups looking to break grounds in the financial sector.
  • Regulators and policy makers responsible for shaping the regulatory framework of the banking sector.

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